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I am working on a program where I need the user to select two files from an OpenFileDialog. I don't want to hardcode the file names or paths into the program. I need the contents of these files to display into two columns in a List Box.

So far I have the following code:

    OpenFileDialog.Filter = "Text Files(.txt)|*.txt"
    OpenFileDialog.Title = "Open A Text File"
    OpenFileDialog.Multiselect = True

    Dim FileArray(1) As String

    Dim objreader As New System.IO.StreamReader(OpenFileDialog.FileName)
    Dim i = 0

    ListBox1.Items.Add("Name" & Space$(40) & "ID Number")

    Do While objreader.Peek() <> -1
        If OpenFileDialog.FileNames.Length = 5 Then
            FileArray(0) = objreader.ReadLine & vbCr
            FileArray(1) = objreader.ReadLine & vbCr
        End If
        ListBox1.Items.Add(FileArray(0) & Space$(40) & FileArray(1))

What I think is happening is the first selected file, 'Names.txt' is being fed into FileArray(0) (because the length of the file name is 5 characters), and then being populated into the correct column in the list box.

However, as it loops a second time, the second file, 'IDNumbers.txt', is read and populated into FileArray(1) (because it fails the 'If') and is overwriting the first array in the list box.

My question is how can I load each file into its own element in my FileArray(1), so I can load them correctly into the ListBox and later manipulate the data?

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so this week your using a ListBox instead of ListView: stackoverflow.com/questions/10219983/… - (in the spirit of the precogs from Minority Report) I'm going to answer next's week question today, use a DataGridView control.Simply read the text file content into a DataTable and then DataGridView1.DataSource = DataTable, stackoverflow.com/questions/7095359/… –  Jeremy Thompson Apr 22 '12 at 4:04

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