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I am working with Rails and I cannot seem to get past this error. A course has many notes and a note belongs to course.

The error I get is:

Can't mass-assign protected attributes: course

Here is my course.rb

class Course < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :semester
has_many :notes, :dependent => :destroy

attr_accessible :course_name, :course_number, :instructor, :instructor_email, :class_meets, 
                :class_starts, :semester_id


class Note < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :course
attr_accessor :course_name, :course_id
attr_accessible :title, :date, :body, :extra, :course_name, :course_id 

notes/_form.html.erb (User can select a course and create notes)

<%="course", Course.find(:all).collect {|c| [c.course_name,]})%>

Is there anyway to resolve this error?

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The error is pretty self-explanatory, you're missing :course from your attr_accessible. – meagar Apr 22 '12 at 2:36
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you need to add

attr_accessible :course

inside your Note.rb

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Now i get Course() expected, got String() – coletrain Apr 22 '12 at 2:36
Where abouts are you getting that error? (what line of code and copy/paste the code) – Jamsi Apr 22 '12 at 3:32
I get the error in notes_controller '@semester[:semester])' – coletrain Apr 22 '12 at 3:38

Since you're using rails version which is less than rails 4 you have to explicitly pass the parameters which you want to access. This is for security reason. However if you use rails 4 by default rails will handle this for you. Its called strong parameters.

So you've to tell to your model that let my controller and view access this attributes.

  attr_accessible :course
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