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I'm attempting to use SASS on a development server I have at home.

I'm trying to find a way to have SASS by default watching all the different sites (folders inside the web root). I wouldn't like if I had to manually set SASS to watch over each and every site and everytime I created a new site.

Basically, it would need to find every .scss/.sass modified inside the root and create a .css at the same location.

All I could find is the basic sass --watch origin:destination but it's not what I need, since all my SASS files would be in different folders.

Just in case, I'm running an Ubuntu server and I do have ruby+sass already installed.


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The obvious way is the correct way. The basic sass --watch origin:destination is recursive and does watch subfolders.

I feel dumb.

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Haha thats right +1 –  sg3s Apr 22 '12 at 6:26
that's not true :( –  Unamata Sanatarai Mar 7 at 11:41
Not sure now... but 3 years ago it was. –  OhCaN Mar 9 at 3:08

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