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I want to use FBA (username/password) in some X pages in an internet SP 2010 site, so the desired design is:

  • for all site pages (except X page) the site will use the windows auth with anonymous access enabled so the internet/public users can view home page, contact us, about us.... without asking them to login

  • when the anonymous user opens the X page, then he/she will be asked to login (using FBA) by providing username/password

is this applicable, if yes please provide hints/steps

thank you

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It is not possible exactly as you say. Authentication is per Web Application in SharePoint. You can have a Web Application which supports two authentication mechanisms by "Extending" it. By using alternate access mappings you could access your web application e.g. by going to as well as http://extranet - when using the external URL you are forced to use FBA, when using the internal URL you can use NTLM.

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thnx moontear for the reponse. this is the first time i will play with extending SP application. i ill learn it then try your suggestion.... you will mke me to learn new thing :) thnx a million – Smadi Apr 22 '12 at 14:17
If the answer is enough for you, you should consider accepting it (with the checkmark on the side) – Dennis G Apr 23 '12 at 15:55

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