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I have designed a composite component that looks something like this:

    <cc:attribute name="value" required="true" />
    <cc:attribute name="title" required="true" />

    <div class="inputTile">
        <div class="inputTitle">
        <div class="inputTileContent">
            <input type="text" value="#{cc.attrs.value}" />


I am trying to load this onto a div on my web page through AJAX.

Any ideas on how to do that?

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What do you mean by "load this onto a div"? –  Adrian Mitev Apr 22 '12 at 8:13

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Something like this maybe?

<h:panelGroup id="foo" layout="block">
    <your:composite rendered="#{bean.loadCompositeInDiv}" />

<h:commandButton value="Load composite in div" action="#{bean.setLoadCompositeInDiv(true)}">
    <f:ajax render="foo" />


public class Bean {

    private boolean loadCompositeInDiv;

    // Getter+setter
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