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I searched to get the required answer but not found exactly what iam looking for - please help me.

Please follow the steps i made in crystal report:

Using crystal report command (i created a query to get the required business number) --> which gets 5 Business numbers

Note: Every business is having many receipt numbers (1st installment receipt, 2nd installment receipts... like that....) - these receipt details are stored in table_receipts.

In table_business - i have all details about business number, customer, product details...

Please understand the links:

table_business - table_customer - table_product - table_receipts

Relationship between tables are:

  • table_business.Bno=table_receipts.Bno
  • table_customer.Cno=table_customer.Cno
  • table_product.Pno=table_product.Pno

After creating the crystal report command; i just drag the required table in crystal report (table_business, table_customer,table_product,table_receipts)

Now i created a group for Business Number "BNo"

I need to display all the required details about that selected Business Number using parameter - its coming fine except receipts.

I mean its showing all receipts (all installment receipts). I need to display only the first receipt only (i.e: receipt number starst with letter "F" )

Hope you understand my requirement - Please help me in this regard.

Expecting your valuable reply. Regards, Sensa.

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Your question says that table_customer and table_product are only linked to themselves - are these linked to table_business via table_receipts? If so, do you want to see all associated products and customers for a business, or only those for the first receipt? Also, you have said that the first receipt's number starts with "F" - how are all subsequent receipts for the customer numbered (for example, do they all use numeric chracters only)? –  Mark Bannister Apr 22 '12 at 8:59

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You should be able to do this by creating a forumla for suppressing the field (table_receipts.Rno).

Right-click the {table_receipts.Rno} field and select Format Field...Common tab...Check the 'Suppress' box and then click the X-2 box to the right. When the new window appears paste this:

not ({table_receipts.Rno} startswith "F")

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It sounds as though the simplest way to meet this requirement would be to add a selection condition to the report - something like:

Left({table_receipts.Rno},1) = "F"

This should ensure that only the associated products and customers for the first receipt for each business are reported.

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I might have a solution for you.

1)Open the ‘Report’ menu then select ‘Section Expert’

2)Select the ‘Details’ section from the left hand menu

3)Tick the ‘Suppress No Drill-Down’ option and click on the icon to the right of it and in the formula option put

4)RecordNumber > 1

This should suppress the whole ROW/Record and not just the field. I saw your problem from this thread, I needed the exact same solution and this worked.

show only in the first row in crystal reports details section

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