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Here is my situation:

I've got a file consisting of some 100 color variables (set in HEX values, like #FFFFFF) - let's consider that a Theme.

Now what I want to do is:

  • Apply the same set of attributes to ALL variables and have them changed accordingly
  • e.g. Invert all colors (turn #FFFFFF to #000000, and so on...)

What I want to know is:

  • Are there such methods/formulas for HEX RGB Manipulation already available?
  • Could you point me to a (as much as possible) complete list of manipulations? (darken, lighten, multiply, invert, whatever - the more the better)
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Let's do question 2 first:

List of Color Operations

I think your best bet here is to scour the web for "Color Manipulation Library", and not care what OS/platform/application/tool shows up -- just check the docs for what things their API exposes. Here's what I found:

  • Color manipulation in Sass

    • adjust-hue
    • saturate
    • desaturate
    • lighten
    • darken
    • grayscale
    • complement
    • mix (interesting! like mixing paint colors)
    • opacify
    • fade-in
    • fade-out
    • transparentize
  • Ruby color tools

    (some of the above, plus...)

    • adjust_brightness
    • adjust_hue
    • adjust_saturation
    • darken_by
    • lighten_by
  • Harthur, Javascript color library

    (again, ignoring what's already above...)

    • clearer
    • opaquer
    • rotate (ie, rotating through the color space, I think)
  • Grapefruit, Python color library

    Annoyingly, their docs can be downloaded but are not hosted online.

    • ColorWithAlpha
    • ColorWithWhiteRef
    • ColorWithHue
    • ColorWithSaturation
    • ColorWithLightness
    • WebSafeDither

So that's a good handful of operations to start with. Couldn't find one for Objective-C, sorry.

Formulas for those Operations

The bad news: couldn't find one place that just had a nice cheat-sheet of formulas.

The good news: almost all of those libraries above are open source. I'm sure you could take a peek around and figure out how ColorWithWhiteRef actually works.

Good luck!

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Whoa! That looks like a great answer full of resources; pretty much what I wanted. Give me some time to go through them carefully and I'll get back to you! Thanks a lot, buddy! :-) – Dr.Kameleon Apr 22 '12 at 8:47
For Cocoa, have a look at the NSColor docs. You can easily go from a hex string to an NSColor and vice versa, just search here for relevant questions. – Rob Keniger Apr 23 '12 at 7:39

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