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iam using combobox, not bounded to data source in c#.


Now I want to set SelectedIndex to finally added "banana", but cannot use cmbBox.SelectedIndex = cmbBox.Items.count -1; as the combo box is sorted !

Any tips please ?

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Before posting another question here on StackOverflow, please read the StackOverflow.com/FAQ , WhatHaveYouTried.Com and meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/128548/ –  Jeremy Thompson Apr 22 '12 at 8:30
@jeremy i used to use NewIndex in vb and was searching similar to it. I tried all expressions of indexof, selectedindex, selecteditem, combinations of them, and finally lost all direction/logic. Sorry, i didnot fill up this question with big story of struggle i had to find an answer and what i did/didn't do. –  Srikanth S Apr 27 '12 at 12:31

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The following works for me

        ComboBox cb = new ComboBox();
        cb.Sorted = true;
        cb.SelectedIndex = cb.Items.Add("apple");
        cb.SelectedIndex = cb.Items.Add("orange");
        cb.SelectedIndex = cb.Items.Add("banana");

After the last line selected index = 1 and selected item = banana

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you are close to answer though setting selectedindex for each item when added is not necessary and additional load. thank you. –  Srikanth S Apr 28 '12 at 5:50

Well i figured it out after refering the documentation. All tha i should have done is captured return value of cmbBox.Items.Add("something") statement and set it as cmbBox.SelectedIndex

nReturn = cmbBox.Items.Add("first");
nReturn = cmbBox.Items.Add("last");
cmbBox.SelectedIndex = nReturn;

Hope this helps some one.

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