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I took a Pie Chart control from here:

I made some changes, and now I'm using it this way: the pie chart is bound to an observable collection, and the size of each piece is bounded to a property of the object that inside the observable collection. Every second another thread changes one object's number in the collection and calls OnCollectionChanged with Reset action, and the pie chart cleaned its canvas and create all the pieces again according to the number in the Collection.

This works well for 2-3 hours but after this the UI thread just getting stuck and I have no idea why, because on every update of the numbers in the collection I divide all the numbers in the smallest number, to keep the numbers small but accurate. After I clear the collection, and create it again, it start to work well again.

Please help me to find out why is it happening.

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Have you tried to look at memory consumption? You can use "Process Explorer" - look at both program memory usage and GPU memory usage. Try to have a debugger attached - and look at the output windows - does it say anything, when your problem occurs? – Morten Frederiksen Apr 22 '12 at 8:50
@MortenFrederiksen, I changed the refresh rate of the pie chart to be even lower, and looked at the memory usage, and it doesn't grow, it stays pretty much the same, but the cpu usage is going up slowly, until I restart the pie chart's collection. So I think that it's not a memory leak, but somehow the cpu having trouble to render it, and that's what I don't understand, restarting the pie chart and updating it in the way I do, not suppose to be different. – George Rubin Apr 22 '12 at 10:57
@MortenFrederiksen, I think I found the problem. Somewhere in the update, the Pie Chart I've downloaded adding listener to every object in the collection, and after a lot of refreshing I reach a state where this listener got thousand of handlers on his listener.. and it's a little hard for him to do.. I will continue to check but I think that's this is the problem. Thanks! – George Rubin Apr 22 '12 at 13:03

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