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I am new to programing iPhone applications.

I am pretty much done building the interfaces and I built a database using Visual Studio 2008.

Now I want to connect my application to that database using a SQL server as a web service (that acts as an intermediary layer between my application and database). I will reserve a server for the database later.

My question is: I have a log in a view where I ask for the username and password, how can I use the information from Xcode and send it to the database to verify it?

Your help will be very much appreciated.

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First of all your question was not clear to me. you should have a web service which can communicate to your database through your xcode by making a connection. There are several mechanism, you can use NSURL. –  Praveen-K Apr 22 '12 at 8:26
Praveen-K .. this is exactly what i want to do . i want to send values like name and password from Xcode to my database, through the use of web service - here i used SQL server - to make the communication.. is there any tutorials you would recommend so i get to have a clearer picture.. and thank you for ur help so far :) –  Haj' Apr 22 '12 at 8:37

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From your description I am not sure if I understand, but if you need to have an app and some webservice with data you can check for example this tutorial from Ray Wenderlich: http://www.raywenderlich.com/2965/how-to-write-an-ios-app-that-uses-a-web-service

Also, you might find useful this SO question: iPhone app and web service

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thank you .. the links u've provided made some concepts clearer . –  Haj' Apr 29 '12 at 20:44

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