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I'm looking for an add-on for any browser that could copy any particular web page element with all it's styles to clipboard to be paste-in and show someone.

The aim is to have an opportunity to quickly share a small part of my big project or to assist in writing an article about this HTML and CSS tricks or to inspect a part of someone's else work.

Any ideas? If no such plugin exist, I'll try to write is by myself.

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Haven't seen anyone mention such an extension and a quick search doesn't yield one. You'll probably have to build one yourself.

The excellent Firebug add-on already collects this information, it may be easier to make a Firebug plugin to add the push-button convenience.

Note that this question is tagged as Greasemonkey, but Greasemonkey is not the best tool for this job.

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The fact that I'm not missing something obvious is all I needed to know. I'll try to build it myself and write here about my success if any. Thanks! –  Bardt Apr 22 '12 at 9:07
You're welcome. Good luck! –  Brock Adams Apr 22 '12 at 10:14

This is probably too late. But if anyone out there looking for the same thing, use SnappySnippet. It was build by Konrad Dzwinel

Firefox Add-on

Chrome extension

More details

It's a great extension.

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Have you tried the Web Developer addon (firefox/chrome)? Not sure if it does exactly what you are asking for, but it displays the source in-page, allowing you to select specific sections of the page/source. You can use this feature and then copy-paste the relevant element you want to work with. That is if I understood your needs. If not, please clarify...

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Not really so. Web Developer, as long as Firebug, let you check and copy HTML OR styles. What I need is one-click tool to copy both HTML AND related CSS same time and probably to wrap it all to a simple page markdown (html, head and body tags). –  Bardt Apr 22 '12 at 8:36

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