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I'm an absolute newbie in Mturk,and I'm definitely not a person who understands smth in programming. thus,I would appreciate a lot a simple answer on my question saying which button and where I should press(this is an upper limit of my computer skills).

the question is the following one:I want 200 people to participate in my survey. I want 1 pseron to answer on my survey just 1 time. where should I set those requirements? should I put the number 200 here:Number of assignments per HIT or there will be some other space where I will specify the number of my participants?

thanks a lot in advance!!!

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I think you are looking for the MaxAssignments option of CreateHIT operation. Here is the attached image for the developers guide enter image description here

It says each worker can complete a HIT only once, so multiple assignments are guaranteed to be completed by multiple workers.

Hope this helps

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