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Here is my ruby script:

require_relative 'lib/say.rb' 

I run it from macvim via :w ! ruby and got:

:w ! ruby
-:1:in `require_relative': cannot infer basepath (LoadError)
    from -:1:in `<main>'

shell returned 1

Though ! ruby % vim command works fine. And also changing the require_relative... to require File.expand_path('../lib/say', __FILE__) also helps...

But... What is actually wrong with these friends: require_relative + :w ! ruby ?

Why do I need this? Just to use in vim the + R shortkey from the vim-ruby-runner plugin which is based on :w !ruby vim command and have my code looks better with require_relative...

P.S. I found the following question on SO: Why isn't current directory on my Ruby path? Seems the latter source correspond to my problem too... But it was hard for me to get all answers I need from there.

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I love it when questions solve themselves :) –  Alexander Bird Apr 23 '12 at 4:57
Could you please add your answer as a real answer, and accept it later? –  mliebelt Apr 23 '12 at 7:08
Big thanks for pushing me! I missed that my reputation had grown and now I can unswer my own questions:) I'll accept the answer in 21h as SO told me:) –  yashaka Apr 23 '12 at 11:21
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The owner of the vim-ruby-runner plugin, found the solution at http://www.rodrigoalvesvieira.com/add-require-relative-to-irb/

Plugin is fixed and can be get at https://github.com/henrik/vim-ruby-runner

Solution (and fix for vim-ruby-runner) can be also found at https://github.com/henrik/vim-ruby-runner/issues/5

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