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how to get number of the day from a date in php?
for example: the date format is given: 4/23/2012 and it outputs 1 or monday or mon...


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$date = '2007/08/30'; 
$weekday = date('l', strtotime($date)); // note: first arg to date() is lower-case L 
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Try something like:


$rawDate = '4/23/2012';

echo date('N', strtotime($rawDate));

Demo here: http://ideone.com/jICqh

Checkout PHP's date() function documentation for more ways to format dates.

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echo date("l", mktime(0, 0, 0, 4, 23, 2012));
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it depends on the number you want, the number of the day of the current month or the day of the actual year. See the date function for details.

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