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I'm working on a MUD using C++ and Lua, and I'm trying to create a set of functions for emotes.

I've written:

   ['subject-bind-search say'] = 'none',
   ['player say string-type'] = function(player, msg)
      player_text(player, 'You say "' .. msg.string .. '".')
      witness_text(player, M('indefinite', player) .. ' says "' .. msg.string .. '".')
   ['subject-bind-search say-to'] = 'none',
   ['player say-to string-type thing'] = function(player, msg, thing)
      player_text(player, 'You say "' .. msg.string .. '" to ' .. M('definite',thing) .. '.')
      witness_text(player, M('indefinite', player) .. ' says "' .. msg.string .. '" to ' .. M('indefinite', thing) .. '.')
      ['player dance'] = function(player)
        player_text(player, 'You burst into dance.')
        witness_text(player, M('indefinite', player)..' bursts into dance.')

When I and others connect to the server with telnet, I can type:

say "hi" --> everyone sees hi as desired.

I can type:

say "hi" to playerBob --> playerBob sees hi just fine

However, if I type simply: dance I get an error message that is sent when it cannot recognize any verbs. I had presumed add_atoms{ dance = 'verb' } fixed that, and yet...

Does anyone happen to know why I'm unable to get dancing to happen?

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"add_atoms { dance = 'verb' }" doesn't go in the add_functions code. It has to be made, or at least can be, outside of the add_functions method. Like so:

add_atoms{[{'say', 'dance', 'apologize', 'bark', 'flex'}]='verb', to='preposition'}

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If you've figured out your problem, you can mark your own answer as the correct one. –  Kyle Apr 22 '12 at 20:36
Yeah. It's making me wait until tomorrow before it will accept me marking it as correct. But I would like to. –  Mister R2 Apr 23 '12 at 4:27

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