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I am trying to update the Android ADT in Eclipse

Help -> Check for updates

This gives me the following error message: http://cl.ly/3Z1O3h1e3A1b2F3v091D

As you can see by the error message, I even tried updating by a zip file, this also gives me the: Transport initialization error.

There aren't any problems with my connection as I can load webpages in the internal browser in Eclipse. I get the same error message either if I am trying to update with an archive file or directly via internet...

Here's the error message in text:

Some sites could not be found.  See the error log for more detail.
Unable to read repository at jar:file:/C:/Users/njaal/Downloads/ADT-18.0.0.zip!/content.xml.
Transport initialization error.
Unable to read repository at https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/content.xml.
Transport initialization error.

Edit: This is under windows 7 64 bit, Eclipse Indigo (for Java Developers)

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