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I am writing a web application and I am getting some data from a server using jQuery.

I want to save the data in a file on client-side and I tried this using the plugin JQuery.tWFile.js, but get the following exception

Error: A script from http://localhost was denied UniversalXPConnect privileges

How can I fix this? Are there any other better possibilities to save the data that I get from a server in a client-side file?

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let user download that file. =) –  aSeptik Apr 22 '12 at 11:51

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The script is failing because your Uri is localhost, this may be a loopback IP... but to your browser it's still a web site. Writing local files is only allowed when browsing a local file using a file:// Uri.

If you can't use a file:// Uri, then you'll have to settle for cookies or localStorage.

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how about using localStorage? link to storage possibilities at mdn

EDIT: I think it has lesser limitations, is also bound to the current domain and exists across browser sessions... only clearing the cache would reset it afaik

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