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I want to limit the rate of fire of my bullets in an Actionscript 3 game I have made. Any help would be much appreciated. Below is my code.

//shooting bullet
function shoot(Evt:MouseEvent)
    var sound2 = new bullet_shoot();
    if (bulletCounter < 5)
        bulletCounter = 0;

function shootmc(mc:MovieClip)
    mc.visible = true;
    mc.x = spaceman_mc.x;
    mc.y = spaceman_mc.y;
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In function shoot(), set a delay/countdown variable which prevents shooting if larger than 0. For example:

function shoot(Evt:MouseEvent) {
    if (shootDelay == 0) {

        // set shoot delay
        shootDelay = 10;

        // shoot logic
        var sound2 = new bullet_shoot();
        if (bulletCounter < 5) bulletCounter++;
        else bulletCounter = 0;

Now, you must still ensure that shootDelay is decreased once per frame/update if it is larger than 0, otherwise you would never be able to fire again. You can either call an update() method each frame, or subscribe to the ENTER_FRAME event and do your update in the corresponding event listener. A simple update() method would look like this:

public function update():void {
    if (shootDelay > 0) shootDelay --;

Good luck.

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more usefull will be setInterval than ENTER_FRAME , because event depends on framerate – turbosqel Apr 23 '12 at 8:45

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