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I've been looking for way to obtain the system info, e.g. total memory, number of processor, hard drive free space etc.. asking the kernel for that info, how do I manage to do that from c++, without using .system calls or system_info structures, via kernel.dlls perhaps?.. I found a lot of info but using system calls, I need to get the system info but not using a created library, more like create my own asking the kernel for that info.

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I know you said "without SYSTEM_INFO structures", but I think the GetSystemInfo is exactly what you want.

From Getting Hardware Information on MSDN:

    #include <windows.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #pragma comment(lib, "user32.lib")

    void main()
       SYSTEM_INFO siSysInfo;

       // Copy the hardware information to the SYSTEM_INFO structure. 


       // Display the contents of the SYSTEM_INFO structure. 

       printf("Hardware information: \n");  
       printf("  OEM ID: %u\n", siSysInfo.dwOemId);
       printf("  Number of processors: %u\n", 
       printf("  Page size: %u\n", siSysInfo.dwPageSize); 
       printf("  Processor type: %u\n", siSysInfo.dwProcessorType); 
       printf("  Minimum application address: %lx\n", 
       printf("  Maximum application address: %lx\n", 
       printf("  Active processor mask: %u\n", 

The docs for GetSystemInfo spefically indicate that it's in Kernel32.dll - I think the buck stops here.

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