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I would like to compile in VS2008 x64 from bat file.

When I compile in VS2008 32 bits I call vsvars32.bat.

What do I need to call to compile in x64?

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Nowadays the recommendation is not to use vsvar32.bat and use SetEnv.cmd instead to set up your build environment. Pass the /x64 argument to select a 64 bit build environment. This MSDN page has some more information about SetEnv.cmd.

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You need to install "X64 Compilers and Tools" feature in your VS2008 IDE.

Please try adding "X64 Compilers and Tools" feature via Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs (For Vista or later OS, please go to "Programs and Features"). After entering Visual Studio 2008 Maintenance Mode, please expand "Visual C++" node >> click "X64 Compilers and Tools" >> click "Update" button.

Then you can enter "Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt (x64)"

Hope this helps!

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A simple way is to go in the directory : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin\amd64" and execute the file : "vcvarsamd64.bat"

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