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C#/.NET 3.5+

I'm trying to write a PowerPoint 2010 add-in that turns on (/off) the built-in equation editor, as if you had clicked the button on the Insert Ribbon tab, to get around a strangely lacking key binding. The new key binding is in place. Now I need to either fool PowerPoint into thinking I pressed a different key combination, which sounds neither right nor particularly easy, or manually activate the editor. Is there a Some.Path.To.A.SetFancyEquationEditorEnabled(true); I can hook into, or a different approach that achieves this?

Edit 26/04: This block will emulate the supported shortcut combination but works unreliably (calling it twice in a row fails). I have had no luck emulating Alt+=, which does the same in the English version. I'm posting this because it's not really a solution


MSDN: How to: Simulate Mouse and Keyboard Events in Code

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