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We have 2 different clients that we are creating "company apps" for... meaning they will only be used by people in each company. It sounds like the enterprise option will fit perfectly for what we need to do. My question is who actually needs to register under the license? The way we will arrange everything on our end is once we are done with the builds, we will still host everything and also be responsible any updates that are needed.

I would think that we are the ones that should register as the enterprise developer.. but I'm not sure if that will violate any terms.. they say "in house" apps.. but again these are our clients technically they are going to always still be under our organization.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Irritated I didn't see this earlier; technically, the company who'll be using the apps should be responsible for registering for an enterprise license and they should grant you access, but I know of enough people out there that have their own enterprise license and develop numerous apps for their clients, all running off the same license. As yet, there have been no documented cases of Apple going after organisations with an enterprise license and using it for outside clients. –  Luke May 8 '12 at 19:43

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