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I have the following jQuery mobile code

<ul data-role="listview" data-dividertheme="b">
<g:each in="${categoryList}" var="category">
<li> <img src="../images/${category.imageName}"/>
<h3 class="ul-li-heading">${}</h3>
<g:if test="${category.userCategories}">
<g:each in="${category.userCategories}" var="ads">
Category: ${ads.category}
User: ${ads.user?.name}
Option: ${ads.optionName}
<li> Description: ${ads.description}
<hr/> </g:each>
<li> No User Category Description Added To Show </li>
<div class="paginateButtons">
<g:paginate total="${categoryInstanceTotal}"/> </div> </ul>

The problem is that the code works fine as you see it first renders a list which is actually a thumbnail view and when I click on the thumbnail the show button comes up with other information. But, the problem is the back button which is added automatically wraps up with the content and I am not able to increase the size of the back button div which has the following code autogenerated.

<div class="ui-bar-b ui-header" data-theme="b" data-role="header" role="banner">
Its height is 22, if I increase it with firebug it increases, but when I try to apply css, it does not work .
Can anyone help please ?

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You can either add !important to your CSS declarations or you can create a more specific rule than the jQuery Mobile rules (which they make possible on purpose):

.ui-mobile .ui-page .ui-header {
    height : 100px;
.ui-mobile .ui-page .ui-header a {
    height : 90px;


.ui-mobile refers to the HTML element after jQuery Mobile initializes, .ui-page refers to pseudo-page elements, and .ui-header refers to the header element within each pseudo-page.

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Thank You Very Much !! – Nikhil Sharma Apr 22 '12 at 20:12

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