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For some reason, every time I run my Android JUnit tests and then immediately re-run them, Eclipse/ADT appears to rebuild the test project, then it re-uploads and reinstalls the test apk. Obviously this slows things down considerably.

I checked the project's bin directory, and the test project does appear to be rebuilt every time I re-run the tests (even though no source files have changed.)

Is this normal operation by design, or is there a way to prevent ADT/Eclipse from rebuilding the test project even when there are no code changes? I have "build automatically" unchecked. I happen to be using Robotium, Scala, TreeShaker, and Infinitest in the test project if that's relevant.

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I've tested on my Window XP box (Android SDK r16), By immediately re-run Android JUnit tests without any source code change, Eclipse doesn't rebuild, reupload and reinstall test apk. the Console shows Application already deployed. No need to reinstall. – yorkw Apr 22 '12 at 22:58
@yorkw Thanks for checking this +1. So it might be a bug/feature in some of my other tools: Infinitest, Scala, or TreeShaker – Jeff Axelrod Apr 23 '12 at 13:16

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