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I have trouble controlling the layout of graphviz. Trying to produce a simple automaton. The source:

digraph mygraph {
node [shape = circle];
init   -> Ready  [ label = "" ];

Ready -> P1  [ label = "t<T\n----TexT----" ];
P1  -> Ready [ label = "t>T" ];
P1  -> B1    [ label = "t<T" ];
B1  -> P1    [ label = "----TexT----" ];
B1  -> U1    [ label = "----TexT----" ];

Ready -> P2  [ label = "t<T\n----TexT----" ];
P2 -> Ready  [ label = "t>T" ];
P2 -> B2     [ label = "t<T" ];
B2 -> P2     [ label = "----TexT----" ];
B2 -> U2     [ label = "----TexT----" ];

U1  -> Ready [ label = "----TexT----", constraint=false];
U2  -> Ready [ label = "----TexT----", constraint=false];

P1 -> P2 [ label = "t<T\n----TexT----", constraint=false];
P2 -> P1 [ label = "t<T\n----TexT----", constraint=false];

trouble is, the labels are intertwined. I probably need: 1. larger spacing 2. move some of the edges up 3. control label placings

how do I do it? graph.png

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Since the conflict occurs on vertical edges going in opposite directions between nodes placed by dot on the same rank (P1 & P2) you could use vertical rank direction (drop the "rankdir=LR" line) so that the labels for theses specific edges are placed one below the other rather than side by side.

Granted, it's not a universal cure for this sort of issues but should help here without unnecessarily bloating the graph (which increasing node separation via "nodesep" would do).

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Thanks. Removing the rankdir did improve things, but it's rather annoying. I liked the previous node placement. – mousomer Jun 6 '12 at 13:51

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