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Once change INPUT value, content is replaced with a spinner and "Please Wait..." message, and once get response from GET I want to replace the spinner / message with new HTML returned however the new HTML returned is not replacing spinner / message.

The (dynamic PHP) HTML is below followed.

<script type="text/javascript">

    $(document).ready( function() {
        $( '#submit' ).click( function( e ) {



<script type="text/javascript">

    $(document).ready( function() {
        $( '.basket-item' ).children( 0 ).children( 1 ).change( function( e ) {

            var q = $( this ).val();
            var id = $( this ).parent().children( 0 ).val();

            var elem = $( this ); // var content = elem.parent().parent().parent().html();

            elem.parent().parent().parent().html( '<div class="basket-item item-border" style="width:896px;text-align:center;"><p class="para"><img src="<?php echo $this -> get( '__baseuri' ); ?>/media/images/spinner.gif" />Please wait...</p></div>' );

            var url = '<?php echo $this -> get( '__baseuri' ); ?>shop/adjust/' + id + '/?quantity=' + q;

            $.get( url, function( data ) {
                elem.parent().parent().parent().html( data );




<h1>Shopping Basket</h1>

    <div class="basket-item" style="width:512px;text-align:left;"><p>Product / Item</p></div>
    <div class="basket-item"><p>Quantity</p></div>
    <div class="basket-item"><p>Price &pound;</p></div>
    <div class="basket-item"><p>Total &pound;</p></div>

<?php if( $this -> has( 'records' ) ): ?>

<?php foreach( $this -> get( 'records' ) as $record ): ?>
        <div class="basket-item item-border" style="width:512px;text-align:left;">
            <p class="para">
                    alt="<?php echo $record -> get( 'name' ); ?> (&pound;<?php echo $record -> get( 'price' ); ?>)" 
                    src="<?php echo $this -> get( '__baseuri' ); ?>media/images/products/generic/<?php echo $record -> get( 'image' ); ?>.jpg" />
            <a href="<?php echo $this -> get( '__baseuri' ); ?>products/<?php echo $record -> get( 'tainted' ); ?>/"><?php echo $record -> get( 'name' ); ?></a></p>
        <div class="basket-item item-border">
                <input type="hidden" name="product" value="<?php echo $record -> get( 'tainted' ); ?>" />
                <input type="text" name="quantity" size="3" maxlength="3" value="<?php echo $record -> get( 'quantity' ); ?>" />
        <div class="basket-item item-border"><p><?php echo $record -> get( 'price' ); ?></p></div>
        <div class="basket-item item-border"><p>&nbsp;</p></div>
<?php endforeach; ?><div style="clear:both;"></div>
    <div class="basket-item item-border" style="width:768px;text-align:right;"><p>Grant Total &pound;&nbsp;</p></div>
    <div class="basket-item item-border" style="width:128px;text-align:center;"><p>14.91</p></div>
    <div style="margin:0%;padding:16px 0%;width:896px;text-align:left;"><p>
        <input id="submit" type="submit" value="Checkout&nbsp>>" />
<?php else: ?>
        <div class="basket-item" style="width:896px;text-align:center;"><p>Please add one or more items to your shopping basket.</p></div>
<?php endif; ?>
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you can figure out this problem by making a simple debug by using firebug or chrome dev tools. Your jquery function is a little bit dirty for third party' eyes –  Ryu Kaplan Apr 22 '12 at 15:31
I know the javascript is dirty somewhat but I can't understand the issue with debugger at this moment :( –  ElizabethQ Apr 22 '12 at 15:35
Do a console.log( data ) in the $.get and see what you get, also are you getting any errors in the console ? –  aziz punjani Apr 22 '12 at 15:36
T h i s c o d i n g s t y l e i s h a r d t o r e a d , w o u l n ' t y o u a g r e e ? –  Joe Frambach Apr 22 '12 at 15:40

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Your url is not constructed correctly.

var url = '<?php echo $this -> get( '__baseuri' ); ?>shop/adjust/' + id + '/?quantity=' + q;

Probably needs to be.

var base_uri = "<?php echo $this->get('__baseuri') ?>"; 
var url = base_uri+'shop/adjust/' + id + '/?quantity=' + q;

The URL is quite acceptable and proper once parsed by server so no issues there, also the server returns content as expected the issue is client side only.

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