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I tried the following code to serialize a .NET object to JSON, but i keep getting blank text. What am I doing wrong?

        public class JsonObject2
            [DataMember(Name = "field1")]
            string field1 { get; set; }
            [DataMember(Name = "field2")]
            string field2 { get; set; }
            [DataMember(Name = "field3")]
            string[] test = { "heshan", "perera" };

The object, I attempt to serialize and display the resulting JSON string in a message box, but all i get is blank.

MemoryStream s = new MemoryStream();

            DataContractJsonSerializer dcjs2 = new DataContractJsonSerializer((typeof(JsonObject2)));
            JsonObject2 obj2 = new JsonObject2();
            dcjs2.WriteObject(s, obj2);

            StreamReader r = new StreamReader(s);
            String x = r.ReadToEnd();
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Try adding:

s.Position = 0;

just before you create the StreamReader.

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Brilliant! thanks a lot! –  Heshan Perera Apr 23 '12 at 3:12

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