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I am looking for Voice Recognition in PHP.

I have a lot of wav files (10-15 seconds) and I would like Voice Recognition to recognise 1 or 2 words from each wav file and then flag it to database or csv.

All the files have the same voice and accent (same person lol)

Example pseudocode:

$voice = new play('file.wav');
$result = $voice->recognise("Good Morning");
if ($result) { 
  echo "Matched Good Morning"; 
  //flag to database or csv
 } else { 
  echo "No match found";

Which PHP Voice Recognition library can do this?

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Why would someone do that in PHP? –  ThiefMaster Apr 22 '12 at 16:00
Didn't even know that WAS possible in PHP? –  user849137 Apr 22 '12 at 16:01

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PHP doesn't have this functionality built in but there are APIs available for this. SpeechAPI is one of them. Sphinx is another.

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Similar questions have been asked before. You might want to see http://stackoverflow.com/a/6351055/90236 to start your search for a speech engine.

There have also been a few questions regarding uses Php for speech recognition in web pages. Doesn't seem like your doing that, but it is Php - http://stackoverflow.com/a/8717077/90236

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