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I'm using emacs to single step a assembly executable, but i have a odd problem. in gdb when i use "break main" it give's me the message

"Breakpoint at 0xDDDDDD"

but no visual cursor, when i look at my breakpoints list i see in the "What" column the message "main". But when i use

"break main.asm:55"

i see the visual cursor.

compile process:

nasm -g -f elf -l main.lst main.asm

gcc -g -m32 -o main main.o

ive also tried to use "file program_name" in gdb. Same result. How can i fix this that when i typ break main i can see the visual cursor?


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I fixed it by using an older version of nasm

>nasm --version
>NASM version 2.07 compiled on Nov  5 2009
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