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I am asked to give a lecture on clustering algorithms for an audience that is not very technical. With that in mind, I wanted to do a simple exercise where I will ask the audience to identify groups from a dataset. However, I cannot find good datasets that could be usable for this purpose.

Is there a dataset of customers and some products they have bought that I can use for this purpose? Or any other dataset that might look suitable!

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I can suggest a simple geo location database for example all cities in germany. I think you can find it for free. Or you can look for the NASA sky data. Would be nice to cluster too.

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Here is the Ta-Feng dataset containing 4 months of transactions. Got it from Prof. Chun Nan himself. It is now stored in my dropbox folder: The first line of each file shows the column names in Chinese. In English is: Date; Membership Card ID; Product Category; Product Code; Quantity; Total Transaction Amount (in TWD)

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