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I am looking for a HeatMap API which provides me with the flexibility of implementing jquery hover on red points of the map.

I get latitudes and longitudes in my JSON data. I came accross, but am new to Gmap plugin. I also need to control my zoom dynamically.

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Heatmap.js is a JavaScript library that can be used to generate web heatmaps with the html5canvas element based on your data. Heatmap instances contain a store in order to colorize the heatmap based on relative data, which means if you're adding only a single datapoint to the store it will be displayed as the hottest(red) spot, then adding another point with a higher count, it will dynamically recalculate.

You can play with different colors by changing the gradient in heatmap.js. Zoom can be controlled dynamically using ZoomIndex(GMAPV3).

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