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I need to have QuickReport export to XLS files, The problem is that I get empty columns in between my data objects, That happens because while the stream is being created, columns are set according to the objects position from top to bottom, in such a way that if an objects left position is not set to the exact same position as a detail objects left underneath it, that object will get its own separate column, which will then result in empty cells underneath it which can otherwise be occupied by detail objects.

An example would be: if the title was "Customer List" and the two detail columns were "Customer Nr" and "Customer Name", the title would be placed in say B1, then the two detail objects would receive A2 and C2. What I want though is to for them to receive A2 and B2:

~~~~~~~~~|Customer List|~~~~~~~~~~~

CustNr~~~|(Empty Cell)~~|~CustName~~ ->Not good (This is what I'm getting now) :(

~~~~~~~~~|Customer List|~~~~~~~~~~~~~

CustNr~~~~|CustName~~|~~(empty Cell)} ->Good (This is the wanted result) :)

I was thinking theoretically, what needs to be done is to not have the head band taken into consideration when determining the max number of columns, but I have no idea how to achieve that.

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Is there a particular reason that you still use Delphi 4? – Tibor Apr 22 '12 at 16:44
Yes, delphi4 is the developing enviorment for the source of the software marketed by my employer. – user1349751 Apr 22 '12 at 17:17

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easier solution.

create two column headers.

first column header will get ~~~~~~~~~ Customer List ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

second column header will get CustNr~~~~CustName ~~~~ (empty Cell)}

each will be exported as a new line.

problem solved.

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