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i have implement a ResourceChangeListener and catch the save event. Now i want to add some code to the File. How i can do that?? I try to use BufferedReader/BufferedWriter but than the i must refresh the file. If i try it with IFile.refreshlocal() i got an error that the file is lock?

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May be the article "How You've Changed! Responding to resource changes in the Eclipse workspace"

You need to access a resource in a workspace in a thread safe manner. (From this post)

If you are making resource changes outside of a IWorkspaceRunnable (old) or WorkspaceJob (new), that could be the cause of your "is locked" message: the workspace could be modified at anytime.
Placing your resource changes inside a WorkspaceJob ensures you will not have lock issues with other threads.
You will not need to update the resource view tree or run a refreshLocal(). WorkspaceJob, if all goes well, will handle that for you.

See also article "On the Job: The Eclipse Jobs API" for more on the WorkspaceJob.

alt text

[...] our job will not run if a scheduling rule is held by another thread for the workspace root itself or for any of the resources contained in the workspace.
Once this job is running, no other threads will be able to obtain a rule for the above-mentioned resources until the job in our example completes.

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