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How to use calendar for the lower time format in vb?
What i try to achieve: if the lower date is saturday and sunday replace it for friday same week (if date = 2012-04-21 or 2012-04-22 the date = 2012-04-20).


Thanks in advance

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Public Shared Function NoWeekend(ByVal day As DateTime) As DateTime
    If day.DayOfWeek = DayOfWeek.Sunday Then Return day.AddDays(-2)
    If day.DayOfWeek = DayOfWeek.Saturday Then Return day.AddDays(-1)
    Return day
End Function
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Just put together some code without too much test.

Sub Main
    Dim dt as DateTime = FindDate(Convert.ToDateTime("2012-04-21T18:26:43"))    
End Sub

Public Function FindDate(ByVal inDate as DateTime) as DateTime 
    if (inDate.DayOfWeek = DayOfWeek.Saturday Or inDate.DayOfWeek = DayOfWeek.Sunday) then 
       while (inDate.DayOfWeek <> DayOfWeek.Friday) 
          inDate = inDate.AddDays(-1) 
       end while
    end if 
    return inDate 
End Function 
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Hi, work partially, but the "T" char is delete between the date and time, how can i keep the same format? –  Misu Egri Apr 22 '12 at 19:28
Added example to convert the string date and call to sample provided. However look also at the answer from @HansPassant –  Steve Apr 22 '12 at 20:50
Thanks, i managed to finish the code :) –  Misu Egri Apr 23 '12 at 15:24

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