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I have successfully synced my database using south on the local server. I am having problems using south in Heroku. When I run

git add app/migrations/*

git commit -m 'adding new migrations'

heroku run python manage.py migrate app

I am getting a DatabaseError. Relation field already exists.

Any ideas why this isn't working? Also, do I need to run migrations locally and on the production environment each time one of my models change? Thanks for reading.

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it seems you already have the fields in your database for that app. try faking the migrations by running

heroku run python manage.py migrate app --fake
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Thank you. So for future reference, will I have to run the migrations on the local and production(Heroku) environment next time? –  Zach Apr 22 '12 at 20:41

do this on Heroku:

heroku run python manage.py migrate YOUR_APP_NAME 0001 --fake


heroku run python manage.py migrate YOUR_APP

that solved it for me. Just running migrate would give errors as for some reason south would try to run the initial migration as well. So I faked that one, and running the first actual migration (0002) worked fine after.

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