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I need to pass a specific value from shell to a AWK script file but i dont know i cant do it.

    #! /bin/bash

if [ "$2" = "-C" ] && [ "$3" != "" ]; then

        awk -f SpecCity.awk $1

elif [ "$2" = "-C" ] && [ "$3" = "" ]; then

        awk -f CityOnly.awk $1


I need to pass the value $3 to AWK which will compare it with the a file i will point but i cant do it.

Any idea how to do it ?


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You should be able to use "awk -v". For example, "awk -v city=$3..."

Newer versions of awk should also support the "ENVIRON[]" array.

Both options are discussed here:

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I am using another function + it doesnt work i dont know i am getting an error each time. i try to use it. maybe i dont use it the right way. – user1253622 Apr 22 '12 at 17:49
@user1253622, paulsm4 has given you the correct answer. If it's not working, show us your awk script – glenn jackman Apr 22 '12 at 21:06

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