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I'm looking to run a Jabber server on a Windows 2003 server(web farm) and like some practical advice from anyone who has run a live environment with ~500 concurrent users.

Criteria for comment:

  • Performance
  • Capacity (ie ~number of concurrent users)
  • Stability
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We are in the process or preparing a new installer for Windows if we have enough requests. We will announce it when ready on – Mickaël Rémond Mar 1 '15 at 10:29
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I think you're going to need to be a bit more explicit - you looking for server configurations, or software e.g. Jabber Server?

If you're thinking Jabber server, EJabberD is probably the most stable, flexible, capable of being clustered etc.

Really useful comparison of Open Source servers here...

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OpenFire is a good gpl java implementation of a jabber server. It has plenty of option plugins you can use and it can intergrate quite well with Active Directory OpenFire

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