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Is there an easy way to sort of call something similar to the database In query?

Does "mystring" exist in ["string1","mystring","string2"] => would return true

Does "mystring" exist in ["string1","string2","string3"] => would return false

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["string1","mystring","string2"].include? "mystring"

See: Enumerable#include?

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You could do something like this, monkey-patching your String class:

class String
  def one_of? array
    array.include? self

That would get you what you're looking for...

animals = ['dog', 'cat', 'elephant', 'eagle']
my_first_thing = 'dog'
my_next_thing = 'sandwich'

my_first_thing.one_of? animals
=> true

my_next_thing.one_of? animals
=> false
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