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I'm using Eclipse to program servlet. Now, I want to make a example.jsp does something like servlet ( access attribute or parameter of ServletConfig, ServletContext,...)

I put example.jsp in top of WebContent, and the project name is ProjectExample.

In web.xml, here is how I declare this servlet:

    <servlet-name>JSP Example</servlet-name>
// I meet warning at <jsp-file>: that doesn't found this file 
//although I have change to: `/example.jsp`, `ProjectExample/example.jsp` or `/ProjectExample/example.jsp`

Because Container doesn't recognize this file, so when I use: getServletConfig().getInitParameter("name") I will receive null !!!

Please tell me how to fix this.

Thanks :)

@: if something typing wrong in code, that not a problem because it's just typo. I don't know why StackOverFlow doesn't allow Copy/Paste function anymore.

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I think the main problem is not in your configuration, but rather the way jsp pages are configured.

Change your <jsp-file>/example.jsp</jsp-file> and add this to JSP:

Who am I? -> <%= getServletName() %>

On my box output is:

Who am I? -> jsp

That is because all JSP share the same servlet configuration called "jsp". It is configured at $CATALINE_HOME/conf/web.xml (if you are using Tomcat). For my Tomcat 7 that configuration looks like this:

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Note: This is tomcat specific, other servers might work differently –  Georgy Bolyuba Apr 22 '12 at 20:39
Note: Eclipse will copy your $CATALINE_HOME/conf/web.xml to your workspace (in case you decide to remove jsp servlet and check what will happen) –  Georgy Bolyuba Apr 22 '12 at 20:39

Your servlet should has the init method, there you can read the parameters you need:

public class SimpleServlet extends GenericServlet {
    protected String myParam = null;

    public void init(ServletConfig servletConfig) throws ServletException{
        this.myParam = servletConfig.getInitParameter("name");

    //your servlet code...

This example was taken from here

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