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I want to take the HybridAuth library on and turn it into a Yii extension. However, the library does not follow Yii standards. For example, a class named Hybrid_Auth is located in a file named Auth.php.

I really don't want to modify the source - that way the code can be easily updated later with new releases of HybridAuth. If I try to instantiate a Hybrid_Auth object in Yii, it will look for a file called HyBrid_Auth.php, which doesn't exist. How could I get Yii to look in the Auth.php file for the Hybrid_Auth class? Thanks.

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Someone wrote one. It works, but it's not that great. A good start tho... – lucifurious Aug 6 '13 at 0:38

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how about put it into extension folder and create your own Factory class that will create instance of needed class?

so it will look like


and something like this in class

require_once 'library_folder/Hybrid_Auth.php';

class YourClass {
    public function __construct(){
        return new HybridAuth();     
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