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I am struggling with Ivy and dependency resolution in Eclipse. I have created a custom plug-in for Nutch, which has dependencies on another project in my Eclipse workspace. Now when I build it it complains about the classes from that project. I presume the standard Eclipse mechanism in build classpath settings (where I've added that project as dependency project) doesn't work, so I have to define dependency via ivy.xml. How can I do that?

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Old way is to : declare the dependencies inside the NUTCH_INSTALLATION/src/plugin/<your_plugin>/plugin.xml file.

If you want to use ivy : declare the dependencies inside <dependencies> tag in the NUTCH_INSTALLATION/src/plugin/<your_plugin>/ivy.xml file.

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Thanks for the answer! Basically the problem is that plugin.xml only allows dependencies on other plugins. The project is not a plugin project, just Java project. Secondly, I am indeed trying to use ivy, and I read tutorials on how to declare dependencies on repository, but I can't find an example how to declare a dependency on another local project. Do you have any ideas? –  user1177059 Apr 25 '12 at 23:08
i think u need to create a jar out of the local java project and then add that jar to the dependencies. –  Tejas Patil Apr 26 '12 at 4:58

Take a look on the related page of Nutch wiki.

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