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Form field declaration: $builder->add('birthday', 'date', array('label' => 'Data urodzenia:', 'years' => range(date('Y'), date('Y')-100)), 'required' => false); Corresponding document field declaration:

 * @ODM\Field(type="date")
protected $birthday;
 * Set bitrhday
 * @param \DateTime $birthday
public function setBirthday(\DateTime $birthday)
    $this->birthday = $birthday;

 * Get bitrhday
 * @return \DateTime $birthday
public function getBirthday()
    return $this->birthday;

When I set data in form value is saved to database correctly, but widget isn`t populated with data form database field when I visit form page after saving.

Other fields in form works as expected.

It`s sf2 bug or my mistake?

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First, birthday seems to be misspelled. Setbitrhday & Getbitrhday

Second, ODM does not support the DateTime field type. ODM only supports the field type Date. See ODM Field Type Reference

ORM, on the otherhand does support the DateTime field type. See ORM Field Type Reference

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