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I have a node.js function:

function myFunc(callback) {
    var ret = 50; // some time consuming calculation 
    return callback(random);

How do I know when this function has completed if I can't edit it in anyway. Is there a way to chain another callback function onto it. Again without editing myFunc in anyway.

i.e. if I am using:

async.forEach([1, 2, 3], function iter(myFunc(console.log), ????) {}, function(err){
    // if any of the saves produced an error, err would equal that error

What do I put as the iterator?

How do I know pass on control when all the myFuncs have executed?

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Something like :

// fn wraps myFunc
var fn = function(callback) {
    // myFunc isn't altered, it is called with callback function
    myFunc(function(random) {

async.forEach([1,2,3], fn(console.log));
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myFunc(function(ret) {
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