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I am trying use the print command in MATLAB to save a scatter plot as a TIFF in the current folder. However, I get the following error message: Cannot create output file '.\test.tif'

My code looks like the following:

hold on
hold off
print -dtiff -r300 test.tif

Does anyone know how I can successfully save my file?

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You most probably don't have write permissions to create file in current directory. If you are working under Windows 7, it is possible that your working directory is somewhere under Program Files or at a drive root. Check it with pwd command.

Check also if you can save and other file, like MATLAB m-file. You should have the same problem if it's a permission issue.

Another possible cause is that you already created a file under the same name and have it opened by another program.

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You'll also get a 'Cannot create output file' error if you have a malformed file name. For example:

figHandle = figure;
AnInt = 12;
print(figHandle,'-dpng', [AnInt .png])
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I got the same error when I have long title for the figure. This is not in your case. However, if you get a similar error due to that, use the following code to divide the title into two lines

title({'Performance comparison ';' between X and Y.'},... 'interpreter','latex',...
'FontUnits','points',... 'FontWeight','normal',... 'FontSize',15,... 'FontName','Times');

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