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I have data corresponding to user events with (location, time). I would like to visualize these on an animated map. Maybe with points of light appearing when an event happens (with multiple events in the same place making a brighter dot). Double points for animating the day/night regions on the map at the same time. Is there a javascript library good for visualizing such data?

The map on the right side of this visualization written in processing doesn't quite fit my description, but would also work well.

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I found that d3.js worked really well for the project. The geo module made it easy to draw a world map (with data from data/world-countries.json and a mercator projection) in an svg element. First, I pre-processed the data to put the users in "buckets" of gps locations. I added a circle for every location, and changed its radius for how many users were in that bucket.

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I'd love to see how that came out, can you share? –  riffraff Jan 31 '14 at 17:02

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