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i have a facebook page. I added an application as a tab to page. My application is a voting game. Im created an action and objects. Ive submitted and there's no problem. But my application's url is not true on submitted action's preview on user's timeline.

for example:

My page's url:

My application's url:

But my application's url is (coolestgame is my application's App Namespace) on action's preview on timeline.

How can i display right url?

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The way user actions work are

-User clicks button to post to timeline - facebook goes to the url the action has pointed to. - Looks for the meta tag og:url and this is the url that will be displayed on the user action on the timeline.

If you but in your url '' , This will be seen as a profile. So the way I have it done is. I have an intermediate page where the user action is pointed to eg appNamespace:buy?product=intermediatePage.aspx.

on this page the metatag url is intermediatePage.aspx.

Then when the people come in from clicking the action on the timeline i redirect them to where i want them to go.

Hope this helps

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thanks! i will try your way... – Salt Hareket Apr 24 '12 at 21:17

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