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I am struggling with the following riddle: trying to center the text in the simplest scenario with a named element in the stylesheet doesn't work, yet the same thing works with an explicit "style" attribute:

THAT DOESN'T WORK - i.e. THE TEXT IS NOT CENTERED (at least not in SAFARI/FF on the Mac):

<html><head><title>Hello</title><style type="text/css">
#rec { text-align: center; }
<body><div id="rec">Hello</div></body>


<body><div style="text-align: center;">Hello</div></body>

It should be exactly the same thing. For an extra kick, you can add a colored background to the #rec class - it works, but still refuses to center. I tried playing with doctypes, etc, to no avail.

The Firebug plugin shows that the "text-align: center;" attribute is ignored in the first segment.

Any idea why?

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it should not be the same, as inline style declarations (<div style="text-align: center;">Hello</div>) takes precedence in CSS over embedded styles (in the document head). –  Eliran Malka Apr 29 '12 at 9:17
@EliranMalka — Since there are no other style rules in the example, it should work fine. –  Quentin Apr 29 '12 at 9:20
correct, we don't know if the OP has some more conflicting code not displayed here. –  Eliran Malka Apr 29 '12 at 9:46
@Victor You say "named element"... did you mean you inadvertently have a name attribute in your div instead of an id? (Yes, I know it's OK in your example here, but this is not your real page.) –  Mr Lister Apr 29 '12 at 9:56

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I cannot reproduce this issue (see http://jsfiddle.net/Qde9q/) and I'm guessing you have already found the problem since you mention

The Firebug plugin shows that the "text-align: center;" attribute is ignored in the first segment.

Obviously this attribute is being overwritten somewhere else.

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To be honest, I am at a complete loss, since the following day I wasn't able to reproduce the problem, either. The files I quoted didn't contain anything else, so there was no interference. I must add that I have no known mental problems and I am sure I was not seeing things the day before. One thing I can imagine happening is that I was running something in the background (e.g. Skype) which was somehow screwing with the rendering engines of my browsers. But that is bordering on the sci-fi realm, so I won't go into this. Thanks so much for responding! –  Victor May 16 '12 at 1:31

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