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Newbie question. I hope no one minds.

In file AccessesController.php

class AccessesController extends AppController {
    public $name = 'Accesses';
    public $helpers = array('Html', 'Form');

    public function index() {
       $this->aVariable = 123;

In file View/Accesses.ctp

<h1> You came thru the AccessesController and set
    aVariable to <?php echo $this->aVariable?>, happy?</h1>

It does not print 123 there. It does not know that this->aVariable has been set to 123.

Am I supposed to use those global variables with Configure::read / Configure::write? Or how can the controller and the view access the same variables? // Accesses.ctp does not know that this->aVariable has been set to 123.

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To send a variable from a Controller to a View:

$this->set('variableName', $variableValue);

echo $variableName;

It's common practice to use PHP's compact() if you're going to send more than one variable:

$var1 = 'pizza';
$var2 = 'beer';
$var3 = 'sleep'; //(trying to keep it PG)
$this->set(compact('var1', 'var2', 'var3'));

echo 'The perfect night: ' . $var1 . ' ' . $var2 . ' ' . $var3;
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