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I need ID to be an eight whole digit number.

create table foo(
ID  primary key DEFERRABLE,

create or replace trigger foo_trg 
before insert or update
on foo
for each row
  if :new.ID > 99999999  or :new.ID < 9999999 then 
    raise pkg.Illegal_update;
  end if;

Right now my trigger can only stop an illegal update if the number is too large or too small. I need a way of checking for a decimal in a number

Any suggestions are welcome thank you

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What's the DBMS? I'd declare the type of the id column to be an integer. In Oracle, you'd do it like this:

create table foo(
ID  NUMBER(8,0) primary key DEFERRABLE,

Is there some reason this is made deferrable?

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it has to do with the way i am loading my data in, but it get confusing... thank you I can't believe I did not think of that haha –  user1320691 Apr 23 '12 at 0:49

You can use floor(number) = number if all else fails.

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