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In jQuery I have section where onclick it changes some properties. I was wondering if i could include css transitions into this somehow. I tried to add it in just like I did but that just gave it a property it didn't effect it when it does change.

$("#slide1-1").click(function() {
$('.aboutchange').css('color', '#433792');

$("#slide1-2").click(function() {
$('.aboutchange').css('color', 'orange');

$("#slide1-3").click(function() {
$('.aboutchange').css('color', 'green');

$("#slide1-4").click(function() {
$('.aboutchange').css('color', 'red');
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sorry everyone I figured this out by simply adding css transition to the class. –  Spencer May Apr 24 '12 at 2:05

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You need to use jQuery's animate function for transitions. this will animate to your text color of choice over a period of 1000 milliseconds. jQuery UI gives lots of bonus effects as well.

$("#slide1-1").click(function() {
    $('.aboutchange').animate({ color:'#433792' }, 1000);


maybe I didn't understand the question and that's why I got downvoted... if you are trying to use css3 transitions then you should be declaring the transitions and states in css and using .addClass() and .removeClass() to add/remove the appropriate states and transitions

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jQuery doesn't provide color animations by default. You need to use jQuery UI which comes with the jquery-color plugin, or you can just use jquery-color. Then you can animate like any other property:

$element.animate({ color: 'blue' });
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